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About Foskett Creative 



We Have Fun

Our biggest joy as a wedding photographer, is seeing your joy! Yes, there are formal pictures to take and lots of family members to pose with on your big day. But we try our best to make these sessions fun, relaxed, and let your personalities shine through. We never force poses and are happy to make fools of ourselves to get a smile and a laugh. There are so many happy moments throughout your wedding and we like to capture them in real time when they happen - we won't ask you to repeat smashing the cake in your groom's face or making a silly face at your ringbearer.






LOL! Reactions to funny Speeches




Natural Poses & Candid Moments

Nothing makes us happier than capturing a candid moment perfectly. We like shooting as moments happen, rather than forcing a pose or trying to re-create the moment. If our brides or grooms are having trouble relaxing or thinking of group photos, don't worry-we've done a few weddings and are more than happy to suggest a few organic poses.











Light, Light, Light

We absolutely love light. Whatever light is in the frame, we will find it and make sure it is utilized to highlight and draw attention to our subjects. Whether the sun is setting, sparklers are sending the newlyweds off, or the sun is directly above we will find a way to play with a light so that it brings out the best in the picture. Using it to create drama and depth sets our photography apart from other wedding photographers.








Bride Putting on Dress~Unique View through the dress



Unique Perspective


Don't be surprised if you see us lying on the ground, peeking around a bush, trudging through a fountain, or standing on chairs to get a different angle - we love to get a fresh perspective to create a perfect composition. Our shoots are not short of creativity and we love when our brides and grooms are able to see their wedding from an angle they never imagined at their own wedding. When we blur into the background, this also allows the bride & groom and their guests relax and not feel the constant presence of a photographer.











Creative Post-Production Editing

We pride ourselves in dedicating hours after your event has ended to bring out the best in your pictures. No worries if it is a cloudy day, we work hard to bring out the best color, light, and tone to create a picture worthy of hanging on your wall. The resulting image will still look natural, just as you saw it-perhaps with a few less blemishes and that annoying light pole in the background. 








A Great Bouquet Shot




All the Little Details

You've spent hours planning and perfecting all of the little details for your big day. We plan to photograph all of them. Every wedding is unique and different, and we like to shoot your details in creative ways in a way that suits you as a couple. There is no pre-set "ring shot" or "bouquet shot" that we have in mind, we utilize all our surroundings and take multiple shots of each little detail as we are inspired.