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As a Phoenix native, Phoenix will always hold a special place in my heart. I am blessed to live in such and amazing city! My clients come from around the world to explore, get married and celebrate in Phoenix, and I am lucky enough to capture it all with my camera. Phoenix is overflowing with history, romance and the most stunning colors! Our sky is nearly always blue, making Phoenix the best place to be a photographer. I rarely have to worry about rain and I am always guaranteed a stunning sunset! The colors of our sunsets is simply amazing, no two are alike, making every day a unique display of wild, vivid and amazing colors! Words literally can not describe the sunsets I have captured, so I will have to let the images do the talking for me. (And yes, the sunsets are even better in person!)

I am Julie Foskett, I capture romance, celebrations and Arizona travel adventures, and I love Phoenix for it’s wild, vivid and Amazing colors!
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