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One of the first skills that new Wedding Photographers learn is shooting the bridal details. Great care is taken to spend plenty of time in the bridal suite capturing the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the rings and much, much more. However, with all the emphasis placed on the bride we have overlooked a crucial component to the day… the Details in the Groom’s Room! Just like the Bride, today’s Modern Groom puts a lot of care and thought into his clothing choices too. However, many professional Wedding Photographers tend to overlook the Groom’s Room. The Groom’s Wedding day details are just as important as the Bride’s, we need to put care and thought into capturing those details completely and throughly.

Here are a few tips to get you started in the Grooms Room:
  1. Prepare your Groom before the wedding. Give him a list of items to have ready for your arrival. (or your second shooter’s arrival) Having his details set aside gives you more time and freedom to be creative! In addition to the Grooms clothing I ask for; hand written vows, a watch, cufflinks, socks, shoes, cologne and a belt.
  2. Ask the Groom if there are any other special details or gifts that he would like captured. Often our Grooms will have a special liqueur, cigar or Groomsmen gift that they would like photographed. These items are often forgotten, so always ask the Groom before you leave the room.
  3. Shoot from different angles to provide a variety of images. I like to use the acronym Get “OUT” I shoot each item, O~Over, U~Under and T~Through. This gives me more choices when laying out the album and when making magazine or blog submissions. (Editors LOVE lots of choices!) The Guys won’t want you in the room all day, so get in and get “OUT”

It is that easy! :) With a little planning, shooting the details in the Grooms Room can be fun and rewarding. Next time you are shooting the brides shoes just remind yourself there is another pair a shoes waiting for you. It’s his day too, so don’t forget to document the details in the Groom’s Room!
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