Creativity Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Being in business is harder than ever. To be competitive,  businesses need to keep their creativity at the highest possible levels. Often, that will lead to a feeling being stuck or a feeling of not being creative enough.  

Are you starting a new business? Has your business stopped growing? Do you want to take your business in a new direction? Then this program is for you!  My unique creativity coaching program will help you identify your challenges and find creative solutions to you problems. I take a unique creative approach to business, marketing and social media that will inspire you.  I will teach you to add a twist of creativity to everything you do! Small creative changes will give you BIG results! 


Sounds Interesting? Complete this form below complimentary 15 minute coaching call. If you are a good match for my services, you will receive 1 month of free creative consulting services! 


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About Julie Foskett

Julie holds numerous degrees and awards including an MBA, a psychology degree & a photography degree. Her thirst for knowledge and new experiences is never-ending, giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. For years she has helped her entrepreneurial friends grow their businesses in unique and creative ways. She is currently accepting a limited number of clients for coaching while she writes a book on staying creative in a competitive market.